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: Getting more visitors is a vital part of website marketing Getting visitors on your website is the one on the most important part of website marketing. There are many ways to get visitors on the website. These are article


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Getting more visitors is a vital part of website marketing
Getting visitors on your website is the one on the most important part of website marketing. There are many ways to get visitors on the website. These are article submissions, forum postings, directories, Podcasting, You tube ads, email listing, viral marketing.

Article marketing is considered as one of the vital source. Try to write and submit as many articles related with your website keywords products and services. Promote these articles and guides and submit it to good article directories like ezine and dashboard etc. In this way apart from getting visitors, your website will also come higher in the search engines and you will also become expert in the niche market.

Make a blog for your website. In this blog, Post only those articles which are relevant to your website products and services. Get your blog listed in blog directories and make comments on other similar blogs along with links back to your blog. The structure of blogs is search engine friendly and there is constant flow of fresh content on your website. This too will be helpful you to get higher search engine rankings. When site comes in the top of search engines it attracts more visitors.

Forums and online communities are also a good source of traffic in website marketing. Find some online forums and communities and sign up for free membership. Don’t post in a casual way but instead of it take your time and try to familiarize yourself with the forum and then see the subcategories and targets in the area which suits best with your website. Discuss the topic openly, give your opinion and try to show interest in the topic.

When you spend some time in the forums giving genuine comments, people start recognizing you as expert and more visitors start getting attracted to your website.

Another great way is directory submissions and link exchange. Internet marketers still believe directory submissions to be helpful techniques. It f you submit to higher page rank and quality directories you have chances of getting more visitors as well as strong back links. Everyone likes to have their linking on websites have page rank 7 and more. Link exchanges cover contacting with the webmasters with a same theme website matching with yours. They put your link on their website and you put their link on your website. Thus you get the chance to exchange traffic with each other. It is not really a bad method but it should used in moderation.

Another technique getting popular these days is podcasting which works pretty like radio. The difference is that broadcast is done via mobile devices and content delivery is through the source of internet. This new form of broadcasting information has opened tremendous opportunities for you for delivering information, entertainment and news. This also creates impact on the end listeners and users and they are keen to visit the website based on you podcasting information, news and events.

Other method that is very successful in increasing online traffic to websites is viral marketing which involves a person to share something which is interesting, and useful. This can be in the form of a story, a game, an interesting video, an informative book or any thing you like to share it with your friends or visitors. The good practical example that can be implemented is to create an e-book, report or software program which could be interesting enough to encourage people to follow your website more keenly.

Besides these there are other alternate sources like ppc, email marketing, you tube ads, put your ad in search engines and classifieds that are helpful to increase traffic.
Rajeev Guglani writes articles for SEO. He has vast exposure in writing for Web Promotions and Internet Resources. He is working for NDDW. For SEO Process, SEO Strategy and Website marketing visit

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