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: Bulgaria covered in White powder I am sure there are many of you who like skiing. And the ones who can afford it probably go to places like Austria or Switzerland. But you should definitely consider visiting Bulgaria. Bulgaria


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Bulgaria covered in White powder
I am sure there are many of you who like skiing. And the ones who can afford it probably go to places like Austria or Switzerland. But you should definitely consider visiting Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a small country. But it has hospitable people and many gorgeous places one should not miss seeing. Bulgaria is both a summer and winter resort with many opportunities for a great vacation. And during the winter there are four major places you can go to – Borovets, Pamporovo, Bansko and Vitosha Mountain.

Borovets is one of the biggest and oldest ski resorts in the country. It is located on the Mousala ridge, Rila. The resort itself is nicely situated among pine woods at 1 390 meters elevation and its highest ski tracks are at 2 600 meters elevation. During the winter season there is plenty of snow and the skiing conditions are also perfect. Borovets is only 72 kilometers away from the capital of Sofia and there are sightseeing tours to the city and other historical and cultural attractions in the area. There is also a great nightlife with many restaurants, bars and cafes. As far as skiing is concerned there are well-kept pistes for every difficulty level and the best ones are in the Yastrebec region. Many winter competitions are carried out there and the biathlon track is among the best ones in Europe. The transport system is well-organized with numerous chair lifts and a gondola lift. For the beginners there is a great ski school with more than 200 instructors. The accommodation is also great – it can be compared to the one in the most famous world resorts, but definitely cheaper.

Pamporovo is also a great resort in Bulgaria. It is located in the centre of the Rhodope Mountain, at 1 650 meters elevation. The resort is 240 kilometers from Sofia and 85 kilometers from Plovdiv. The weather during the winter season is great for winter sports – lots of snow combined with 120 sunny days during the season. There are many slopes suitable for beginners, but the Giant Slalom or The Wall will be adventure even for the experienced ones. The ski tracks are well maintained and the highest of them are located at 1 926 meters elevation around the gorgeous Snejanka peak. The accommodation is luxurious, the nightlife is fantastic and the ski school offers a good training for both skiers and snowboarders. Off-piste skiing is also available, but it should be done with a guide.

Bansko became a modern ski resort during the recent years and it’s definitely worth visiting. It is situated in the Pirin Mountain, only 160 kilometers away from the capital of Bulgaria. The small town has many luxurious and small hotels, cozy restaurants and simply perfect landscape. Bansko is also a town with historical value as there are many Thracian finds in the area as well as buildings and churches preserved from the time of the Bulgarian Renaissance. The ski tracks are 65 kilometers long, well kept, with great skiing conditions and suitable for every difficulty level. There is a big lift network and in Bansko is located the first fun park for snowboarders on the Balkans.

Vitosha Mountain also offers great skiing opportunities only 10 kilometers from the capital Sofia. The main skiing area there is below the highest peak – Cherni Vruh (2 290 meters elevation). Besides skiing there is also the longest cave in the country Duhlata (17,5 kilometers long) and some beautiful rock formations. The skiing conditions are great, although more can be desired from the hotels and nightlife. There are 6 ski tracks suitable for every difficulty level and they can be reached with several drag and chair lifts plus a gondola lift which can be taken from the outskirts of Sofia. There are marked hiking trails, available even in winter.

As a whole, the winter resorts in Bulgaria are developing really fast and they more and more meet the expectations of the foreign tourists. There are many other places one can go to and I do hope some of you will consider visiting this country. Especially during the winter season the white Bulgaria can be a magnificent place.

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