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: Summer in Australia - some places you might want to visit In Australia the winter days are over and spring is coming. And no matter on what continent you live, you can start thinking about the summer season. I did just that


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Summer in Australia - some places you might want to visit
In Australia the winter days are over and spring is coming. And no matter on what continent you live, you can start thinking about the summer season. I did just that and came to think about the Australian beaches.

The summer on this continent can be pretty harsh, but once you come near the ocean you will surely forget the heat. So that’s what I am going to tell you about – the best beaches in Australia, where you can spend some amazing summer days.

I will begin with Palm Beach. It is located an hour away north from Sydney and visiting it is definitely worth it. The beach itself is about 3 kilometers long and has clean white sand all along. There are shops, restaurants and cafes on the southern end of the beach line. Half of the beach, where there are no parking spaces, is usually very calm and not really crowded. The waters are crystal clear and Palm Beach is one of the best places for surfing. There are also golf courses for those who don’t like lying on the sand. The active ones can take a walk to Barrenjoey Head and visit the lighthouse there with view of Broken Bay.

Hyams Beach is another recommended place, situated in Jervis Bay (New South Whales). Its waters and sands are also among the cleanest in the world. Jervis Bay has the status of a national park and it is very popular place among tourists and locals. Probably the best attraction there is whale sighting. These amazing creatures are often seen in the waters of the bay. Also available are diving, fishing and many other water sports. The explorers may want to see the Boodereee National Park and the Botanical Garden. The green bushes behind the coast line offer many hiking trails and one can visit the ruins of an old lighthouse in the southern end of Jervis Bay.

In Port Douglas, Queensland, you can find the Four Mile Beach. It is perhaps the best one in the state and offers warm and clear waters and a perfect landscape with the ocean, beach and palms. From the main district of Port Douglas you can reach the beach with a five minute walk. I should also mention the marine stingers there – swimming is safe from June to September, but during the rest of the year you should go no further than the stinger nets. And when it comes to Port Douglas I cannot help but think about the Great Barrier Reef. Around the city are located the beautiful Ribbon Reefs – the best place for diving along the reef. With a live-boat you can reach it and admire the colorful coral wall and the diversity of marine life in the area. Other beautiful places in Queensland are Mission Beach, Whitehaven Beach and Surfers Paradise Beach. The first two are really calm places with perfect waters and rainforests.

In Western Australia, near the city of Broome, you can go to Cable Beach. It is very beautiful, with great ocean waters and a 26 kilometers long sand line. A superb attraction there is the sunset camel rides, organized every day along the beach. At the end of the beach there is the Gantheaume Point, where you can see some beautiful cliffs, plus dinosaur footprints on them.

Cottesloe Beach is the most beautiful one around Perth, also in Western Australia. It is perfect for swimming, sun-bathing and even picnicking. There are some nice places along the coast from where you can watch the splendid sunset and the Indian Ocean. At the most southern end of the beach there is a reef where superb snorkeling is available.
Last, but not least, in Victoria you can visit the Ninety Mile Beach. It is a long strip of land with perfect sand and it is among the most natural beaches, unspoiled by human hand. In the waters in the area there are numerous marine species and you can go whale and dolphin sighting. You can also swim, fish, walk or just lie in the sun. And when mentioning Victoria, I will remind you of the Great Ocean Road, which is a must-see if you go to Australia. It is 106 kilometers long and offers the best views around the continent.

Well… this is how my virtual tour around Australia ends. There are many places I didn’t mention. After all, there are innumerable gorgeous beaches around the continent. Wherever you decide on going, I am sure you will have a great time on a perfect beach with clear waters and golden sands.

Ivaylo Yordanov is the author and can provide you with additional information about Australia resorts and cities. Additionally, more comprehensive information is available at

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